Disneyland Rides for Babies: Which Ones Are Right for Your Child?

    Dreaming of a magical trip to Disneyland but unsure which rides will whisk your little ones into a world of wonder? Trust me, as a parent, I’ve found myself navigating that same maze, combing through an enchanting assortment of attractions to discover the baby-friendly ones.

    After weaving together bits of research and sprinkling in some personal experience about what Disneyland has up its sleeve, voila! Over 25 rides with no height restrictions surfaced – simply perfect for infants and toddlers! This article will be your map guiding you on this journey, detailing each delightful ride your baby can revel in.

    Key Takeaways

    • Disneyland has over 25 rides with no height restrictions that babies can enjoy like Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland.
    • Parents can use the Rider Switch option at Disneyland, which lets one parent ride while the other stays with the baby.
    • To make your day easier, create a touring plan, including kid-friendly attractions and breaks for rest or diaper changes.
    • Don’t forget to pack all essentials, such as diapers, wipes, snacks, and extra clothes; you might also want to bring a stroller for convenience.
    • Use the Baby Care Center at Disneyland for facilities like nursing rooms and food preparation areas.

    Disneyland Rides for Babies and Toddlers with No Height Requirement

    For parents seeking baby-friendly attractions at Disneyland, there are many rides to consider. My favorites with no height requirement include Alice in Wonderland, and Casey Jr. Circus Train, and Dumbo. I have found that It’s a Small World is perfect for the little ones as it provides an enchanting experience filled with colors and music. The classic King Arthur Carrousel offers endless fun for babies and parents alike while the Mad Tea Party can prove exciting if your child enjoys merry-go-rounds!

    Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland is nestled deep within the heart of Fantasyland at Disneyland Park in Southern California. This family-friendly ride takes little ones and parents alike on a magical 3-minute journey through an enchanted rabbit hole into the fantastical world of Wonderland.

    With no height requirement, babies and toddlers can marvel at colorful characters, whimsical settings, and delightful scenes that come to life right before their eyes. It’s truly a riveting adventure for families drawn to the enchanting tales from Alice’s adventures!

    Casey Jr. Circus Train

    As a family-centric theme park, Disneyland offers rides for all age groups. One such ride is the Casey Jr. Circus Train; a delightful attraction designed to captivate babies and toddlers.

    This fantasy train ride has no height requirement, making it highly accessible for all youngsters.

    I found that children love embarking on this magical miniature train journey through Disney’s enchanting Fantasyland stories. Even though it doesn’t pose height restrictions, safety remains paramount at Disneyland – they ensure that an older individual accompanies kids under seven throughout the ride.

    So you can take comfort knowing your tots will be having loads of fun in a secure environment on Casey Jr. Circus Train!


    Dumbo the Flying Elephant is one of Disneyland’s most beloved rides in the enchanting Fantasyland section. This engaging ride allows babies and toddlers to fly high in their Dumbo-themed vehicle, free from height restrictions or age limitations.

    Fastened securely with seat belts, this toddler-friendly attraction offers an all-age experience that caters even to the youngest attendees. Accessibility for mobility devices isn’t a problem; however, ECV or wheelchair users must transfer from their vehicles before taking flight.

    Even better, families can take advantage of FastPass+ options for queue-skipping opportunities and simplify their visit at Disneyland further!

    It’s a Small World

    With no height restriction, “It’s a Small World” is one of the most popular family-friendly Disneyland rides for babies and toddlers. On this enchanting boat ride, you’ll travel across different continents, showcasing vibrant, music-filled scenes.

    Offering an immersive experience, it captures the hearts of kids and adults alike with its mesmerizing display of cultures around the globe. However, starting October 22, be prepared as this fan-favorite theme park attraction will temporarily close for refurbishments.

    But don’t worry! Disneyland has a plethora of other amusement park rides suitable for your little ones without any height requirements to keep them entertained throughout your visit.

    King Arthur Carrousel

    As we step into Fantasyland, right behind the Sleeping Beauty Castle, King Arthur Carrousel comes into view. It’s a sight straight out of a fairytale! With 68 majestic horses and one comfortable bench waiting for riders of all sizes and ages.

    You should watch for Jingles, the most famous horse on this amusement ride. A fun fact about this beloved merry-go-round is that every fifth guest at Disneyland opts to have their adventure here.

    No worries about height restrictions because there are none – making it perfect for Disneyland’s younger knights and princesses!

    Mad Tea Party

    The Mad Tea Party is a must-ride at Disneyland Park, especially for families with babies and toddlers. Straight from the classic Alice in Wonderland, this whimsical ride perfectly captures the eccentricity of the Mad Hatter’s party.

    It lasts only about a minute and a half, making it an ideal choice for young children who may not have long attention spans yet.

    What makes this ride even more appealing to parents? Unlike many attractions, there’s no height requirement! That means your little ones can join the fun without issues. Each colorful teacup can comfortably accommodate up to three guests so you can enjoy this magical experience together as a family.

    If you’re looking for other similar rides at Disneyland Park that welcome all heights, don’t miss out on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride and Peter Pan’s Flight!

    Tips for Taking Babies on Rides at Disneyland

    When planning your day at Disneyland with a baby, consider the Rider Switch option which allows one parent to ride while the other stays with the baby. Create a touring plan that includes kid-friendly attractions and breaks for rest, play or diaper changes.

    Remember, babies can quickly become overwhelmed in such stimulating environments so it’s crucial to respect their pace and needs throughout the day.

    Rider Switch option

    Disneyland prioritizes families’ enjoyment, and this is evident with their Rider Switch option. This ingenious feature allows an adult to stay with a child who can’t ride yet while others enjoy the attraction.

    Once they’re done, it’s your turn to experience the thrill without waiting in line again! The Rider Switch is also known as a “baby swap” service among parents and proves its value particularly on rides with height restrictions.

    With children still having fun elsewhere, adults can take turns indulging in the more thrilling theme park attractions.

    Creating a touring plan for kids, toddlers, and babies

    Crafting the perfect touring plan for a Disneyland trip isn’t as daunting as it may seem. First, it’s essential to prioritize which attractions and experiences cater most to your children’s interests and ages.

    With 60 insightful tips available, you can efficiently strategize your day without overwhelming the little ones. Worry not about height restrictions – many rides welcome toddlers and babies with open arms! Jot down all family-friendly attractions like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Dumbo,’ perfect for kids of all ages.

    For ease of movement around the park, consider bringing a stroller or renting one directly from Disneyland; this minor detail can make a difference when tired feet protest further exploration! Finally, don’t forget essentials that will ensure their comfort throughout an entire day of fun-filled adventure at our much-loved theme park.

    With some planning ahead, I promise your family trip to Disneyland will be nothing short of magical!

    Essential Things to Bring for Babies at Disneyland

    When planning a trip to Disneyland with your baby, packing the right gear can make all the difference. Pack a diaper bag loaded with must-haves like diapers, wipes, snacks, and extra clothes.

    Bringing a stroller can help when little legs get tired, and it also provides storage for your bags. The Baby Care Center in Disneyland is another valuable resource where you’ll find nursing rooms, changing tables, and food preparation areas.

    Ensure to utilize these facilities for feeding and taking care of your baby during your visit.

    Diaper bag must-haves

    The Lassig Glam Rosie Diaper Bag is my go-to diaper bag for Disneyland trips. It holds all the essential items I need without feeling too bulky or heavy. A fully stocked diaper bag is a must-have, and mine always includes diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for unexpected accidents, sunscreen, hats for shade, hand sanitizer, and snacks like squeezable baby food pouches that are easy to feed on the go.

    Since strollers aren’t allowed in most buildings at Disneyland, I also pack lightly, with only absolute necessities taking center stage in our bags. For personal belongings and essentials beyond baby needs, carrying an additional small backpack ensures nothing gets left behind while we enjoy our magical day at the theme park!

    Strollers at Disneyland

    The stroller is next on our list of essential items for baby’s day out at Disneyland. Taking a stroll around Disneyland can be tiring for little ones, so bringing a comfortable and compact stroller reduces fatigue.

    Prams, lightweight or umbrella strollers offer great comfort and convenience while navigating the park. Do note, you cannot bring your pushchairs that need pulling along due to theme park rules.

    If carrying yours seems burdensome, take advantage of Disneyland’s rental service! They provide single and double strollers at just $15 per day for one or $25 per two, perfect if you visit with more than one toddler! Renting also solves the problem of restricted access, as some attractions aren’t stroller-friendly.

    Trust me, an all-terrain or jogging stroller will be your best friend during nap times giving babies a cozy spot to rest amidst all exhilaration!

    Feeding and baby care at the Baby Care Center.

    Visiting Disneyland with a baby? Stress not! The Baby Care Center at Disneyland caters to parents’ needs, providing facilities for infant feeding and general childcare. If you’re strolling about Disney California Adventure, they’ll store your bottles while you enjoy the rides.

    Diaper changing is comfortable and convenient, with nursery facilities within reach. Nursing mothers can take advantage of quiet spaces provided specifically for breastfeeding support.

    These parent amenities make it easier than ever to care for your little one during a fun-filled day at Disneyland!

    It’s a fun world

    Bring your little ones to Disneyland for an unforgettable experience! Numerous baby-friendly rides and attractions are waiting to be explored. Every family outing will be fun while ensuring your babies’ safety.

    So plan, pack right, and make magical memories at Disneyland with your tiny tots!


    1. Can babies ride any rides at Disneyland?

    Yes, there are selected attractions designated as “baby-friendly” at Disneyland that allow for young guests.

    2. What are some baby-friendly rides available in Disneyland?

    Rides like “It’s a Small World”, “Dumbo the Flying Elephant”, and “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” are among several attractions suitable for babies.

    3. Are there safety measures in place for babies on Disneyland rides?

    Disneyland ensures safety requirements on every ride which include proper seating, secure fastenings and age or height restrictions where necessary.

    4. Do I need to pay extra for my baby to go on a ride at Disneyland?

    No, once you’ve paid admission into Disneyland, riding the attractions doesn’t require an additional fee.

    5: Is there a minimum age requirement for riding the baby-friendly attractions?

    There is no set minimum age but certain rides do have height requirements, so always check before queueing up.

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