Natural Home Remedies For Kids Colds: Tips for Parents

    The winter season can sometimes feel like an open invitation for cold symptoms to make themselves at home, especially with our little ones. I’ve wrestled with runny noses, congested coughs, and long nights of soothing my children back to sleep far too many times than I’d care to count.

    It’s a challenge that tugs at the heartstrings of every parent. I will share a variety of natural home remedies and tips to help ease those all-too-familiar cold symptoms in children.

    Key Takeaways

    • ? Honey mixed with warm water eases children’s cold symptoms by reducing coughs and loosening mucus.
    • ? Steam inhalation helps open up blocked noses, making it easier for kids to breathe normally again.
    • ? Saline nasal drops relieve congested noses, especially during flu or allergy seasons.
    • ? Herbal teas like passion fruit, ginger, and chamomile have healing properties and can soothe throat inflammation.
    • ? Rest and hydration are crucial; Sleep boosts the immune system, while fluids prevent dehydration.
    • ⚠️ If fever persists or breathing becomes difficult, consult a healthcare professional immediately.

    Common Symptoms of Kids Colds

    When your child has a cold, you may notice symptoms such as a runny nose, frequent sneezing, and coughing. Congestion is another common sign of a cold that can make your kid feel uncomfortable or even cause difficulty in breathing.

    Running nose

    A runny nose is a battle every parent has to deal with during the cold season for their kids. It comes as part of the package, along with sneezing and coughing when your child catches a common cold.

    This symptom can cause discomfort and irritability in children, but fret not, it’s manageable at home most times! Warm beverages like herbal teas can help soothe the throat and combat congestion.

    To take it up a notch, steam inhalation from hot showers or cool mist vaporizers works wonders in decongesting stuffy noses too! A menthol rub on your little one’s chest might just be what they need for that blocked nose relief.

    Saline solution, you ask? Yes, this simple yet effective remedy helps rinse out nasal passages, ensuring better breathing space for your kid. Remember, though – saline solutions should be administered carefully using proper techniques!


    Coughing is one of the most noticeable symptoms when your child has a cold. It occurs due to an accumulation of mucus in the respiratory system, causing discomfort and sometimes disturbing their sleep.

    This symptom is tiresome for your little one and can also be worrisome for you as a parent. However, certain remedies can help ease this symptom at home.

    A variety of natural treatments exist that can provide relief for children from coughs associated with cold symptoms. For instance, warm liquids such as caffeine-free tea or hot water with lemon have been known to help loosen up mucus and soothe sore throats in kids dealing with coughs.

    Similarly, research recognizes honey as very effective; it not only thins out thick mucus but provides better results than cough syrups in reducing both the severity and duration of coughing bouts in children.

    Ginger could also offer another excellent means of obtaining relief, particularly from dry or asthmatic types, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


    Sneezing can disrupt your child’s playtime and make them uncomfortable. It’s the body’s natural response to expel allergens, nasal irritants, or specific viruses from their tiny noses.

    Your little one may sneeze because of dust exposure, cold air or even pepper! It is also a typical symptom in kids suffering from upper respiratory tract infections like colds.

    As pesky as this symptom might be for your kid, it is just the body keeping illnesses at bay.


    Nasal congestion, often described as a stuffy nose, is a common symptom of kids’ colds. Your child may struggle to breathe comfortably due to the accumulation of mucus in their nasal passages.

    There are simple home remedies that can provide relief from this discomfort. One effective method is using Sinex Children’s Saline to rinse out your youngster’s nose – it works wonders in clearing those blocked passages! It also helps to maintain moisture levels in your kid’s room with a humidifier, especially during nighttime sleep when congestion seems worse.

    For an extra push against that stubborn stuffiness, let them inhale steam from a hot shower or use a cool mist vaporizer. Don’t forget the soothing effect menthol rubs provide; applying these on their chest should loosen up congested airways, allowing easier breathing for your little one.

    A spoonful of honey or cough drops can also soothe other symptoms like throat irritation while doubling as tasty treats they won’t resist taking!

    Natural Home Remedies for Kids Colds

    Explore effective natural remedies for your child’s cold, like honey mixed with warm water, steam inhalation, or even saline nasal drops. Discover how herbal teas could provide relief and why ample rest and hydration are key in helping their little bodies heal.

    Read on to learn more about these simple at-home treatments that alleviate your child’s discomfort from common cold symptoms.

    Honey and warm water

    Using honey and warm water is a time-honored way to soothe children’s colds.

    • Honey, particularly buckwheat honey, has been proven effective in reducing coughs in kids.
    • As a natural remedy for colds and flu, honey helps thin mucus and loosen cough.
    • Mixing honey with lemon juice can relieve sore throats in children one year or older.
    • Serving warm lemon water sweetened with honey is a cough suppressant and alleviates sore throat discomfort.
    • Other warm liquids like tea and broth can work similarly to help break up congestion.

    Steam inhalation

    I’ve often turned to steam inhalation when my child catches a cold. It’s quite an effective route used by many mothers like us worldwide. Here are some aspects you might find helpful:

    • Steam inhalation addresses the common cold and upper respiratory infections, which are quite frequent in children.
    • It raises your child’s intranasal temperature slightly, maintaining an unfavorable environment for viral replication.
    • Inhalation of steam helps unblock those stuffy noses, making it much easier for your little one to breathe normally again.
    • Have your kid sip warm water after a steam session to maintain fluid intake and alleviate symptoms.
    • Setting up a cool mist vaporizer in their room or encouraging them to inhale the steam from a hot shower doubles as excellent alternatives.
    • Don’t forget about those menthol chest rubs! They can be applied at night, especially for relieving chest congestion caused by the common cold.

    Saline nasal drops

    I’ve found that saline nasal drops often come to the rescue when my kids catch a cold.

    • It’s an all-natural remedy for children’s colds and symptoms like nasal congestion.
    • These simple drops alleviate infant congestion and can be used for older kids battling the flu or allergies.
    • What makes these nasal drops great is their effectiveness in treating sinus infections without relying on decongestants, which often prove ineffective in children.
    • The gentle saline solution provides nonmedicated relief, making it safe for regular use.
    • Saline sprays could offer much-needed relief if your child has sinus or nasal dryness.
    • Interestingly, this natural remedy might even help snoring by clearing nasal congestion.

    Herbal teas

    As a parent, I always turn to herbal teas as a go-to remedy when my children catch a cold. These warm beverages not only soothe their throats but also provide medicinal benefits with their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

    • Passion fruit tea is one of our favorites, relieving coughing and helping them get a good night’s sleep.
    • Onion tea may sound unusual, but it’s known for its strong antimicrobial benefits and its ability to clear up congestion.
    • Ginger tea is something I swear by, especially when there’s nausea involved.
    • Garlic tea, despite its peculiar taste, immensely boosts the immune system to help fight off infections.
    • Chamomile tea has been such a lifesaver for toddler coughs in our household.
    • Lemon tea works wonders in alleviating cold symptoms and providing necessary vitamin C.
    • Elderberry tea is another potent drink we keep stocked at home; it’s great for swiftly treating colds.
    • Echinacea and Green teas are fantastic options; they help build immunity while reducing symptom severity.
    • Lastly, any herbal tea with honey can be an excellent cough suppressant.

    Rest and hydration

    As a parent, I find that rest and hydration are two of the most effective natural remedies for my child’s cold. Nothing beats letting your child sleep it off when they have a cold. Sleep provides comfort and plays a significant role in strengthening the immune system, which is vital in fighting illnesses.

    • ? Make sure your child gets plenty of rest
    • ? Encourage regular naps
    • ? Ensure they have long hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleep
    • ? Keep your child well-hydrated
    • ? Provide them with ample water throughout the day
    • ? Offer fruit juices for added nutrients
    • ? Serve clear broth for warmth and comfort
    • ?? Consider warm lemon water with honey to aid in loosening congestion

    Evidently, you can always add extra vitamins or good commercial vitamins bundles that will help your kid’s immunity. However, it’s important to mention that giving such vitamins only when the child is sick it doesn’t do much, you have to provide them constantly as supplements. For example, my kids take Hiya Vitamins daily, especially before the cold season. We interrupt them in the summer, but we always give them before the flu season.

    When to Seek Medical Attention

    Don’t overlook signs of persistent high fever, difficulty breathing, or severe coughing – these could be more serious than a typical cold. Uncover more details in the next section about when it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional for your child’s symptoms.

    Persistent high fever

    A persistent high fever in kids calls for immediate medical intervention. With a body temperature reading of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, your child officially has a fever. While natural home remedies can aid in combating minor cold symptoms, they may fall short when dealing with severe situations like an extremely elevated body temperature.

    Over-the-counter fever medications such as acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs typically serve as conventional treatments for fevers – making them essential tools to consider if your child’s fever persists or escalates significantly.

    Therefore, never overlook the importance of seeking medical attention under these circumstances, as it could make all the difference in a speedy recovery.

    Difficulty breathing

    Witnessing your child struggle to breathe is frightening. Difficulty breathing may surface as wheezing, coughing, nasal congestion, or chest tightness. These symptoms often characterize respiratory distress and can result from colds escalating into more severe conditions like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, or even allergies.

    It’s crucial to keep an eye on these signs. Such discomfort can involve strategies like deep breathing exercises or changing seating positions for better airflow. However, suppose the severity increases and doesn’t show signs of improving in time. In that case, it warrants immediate medical attention rather than self-treatment with antibiotics, which might not always be necessary or beneficial.

    Severe coughing

    If your child’s coughing becomes severe, seeking medical attention is essential. The deep, persistent sound that often comes with a productive cough could mean mucus in the throat, making breathing harder for your child.

    Honey has been found to thin this mucus and loosen severe coughs, offering much-needed relief. Providing warm liquids like caffeine-free tea or hot water with lemon is another helpful remedy as they can help soothe our little one’s sore throat and clear up congestion.

    A homemade saline solution of salt mixed with water can also be an effective natural remedy for treating persistently harsh coughs. This DIY mixture helps moisten the nasal passages, leading to mucus clearance.

    Additionally, consider incorporating anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger into your kid’s diet; its properties have proven effective in easing dry or asthmatic cough associated with severe symptoms.

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